A review of the play pygmalion

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Dramatic Elements

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Pygmalion (mythology)

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Here it’s just a tease and as Higgins ought to know Author: Alexis Soloski. Apr 19,  · Find Tickets. When you purchase a ticket for an independently reviewed play or musical through our site, we earn an affiliate commission.

Pygmalion (/ p ɪ ɡ ˈ m eɪ l i ən /; Greek: Πυγμαλίων, Pugmalíōn, gen.:Πυγμαλίωνος) is a legendary figure of denverfoplodge41.com Pygmalion is the Greek version of the Phoenician royal name Pumayyaton, he is most familiar from Ovid's narrative poem Metamorphoses, in which Pygmalion was a sculptor who fell in love with a statue he had carved.

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A review of the play pygmalion
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