Film reviews on the african queen

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The African Queen

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The African Queen

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The African Queen - Official Trailer John Huston's THE AFRICAN QUEEN is a film that has everything--adventure, humor, spectacular photography and superb performances. From the trailers one would guess that The Queen of Katwe is the typical formulaic and inspirational sports story, but it is much more.

While segments of it are the same old story told and retold so beautifully, with a few unexpected twist and turns, is also a study of how success affects family ties and how character is king, even in the grim slums of Uganda.

After years of wooing director John Huston via good reviews, film critic James Agee was given a chance to write the screenplay for a Huston picture.

Adapted from a novel by C.S. Forester, The 98%.

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Their rare contact with the outside world is through Charlie Allnut (Humphrey Bogart), who delivers their mail on his steam-powered boat, the African Queen.

When Samuel is killed in a German attack, Charlie takes Rose with him.

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At first, they are stiffly polite to each other. Trivia Most of the action takes place aboard a boat--"The African Queen" of the title--and scenes on board the boat were filmed using a large raft with a mock-up of the boat on top.

Film reviews on the african queen
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