Literature review of customer satisfaction of amul products

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Customer satisfaction literature review

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Sundirect is one of the leading direct to home services in india. Which us believing in total customer satisfaction in reasonable price. They most popular in medium& low income group peoples for it's better services. literature review about satisfaction. Microfiltration Dairy Products In my Research study my topic is CUSTOMER SATISFACTION OF AMUL DAILY PRODUCTS.

Literature Review Of Customer Satisfaction Of Amul Products

price, sales influence, product position CUSTOMER SATISFACTION All business firms have realized that marketing is a core element of management philosophy & the key to its success lies in. Through the review of the literature it is shown that customer satisfaction measurement provides a means to better understand the needs of social service customers and to empower customers by creating customer-centred services.

literature review about satisfaction. Company Literature Printed Literature obtained from Amul India. AMUL Brochures Magazines Business Today Business World Economic India Newspapers Economic Times Business Standards Financial Express 33 Report "Customer Satisfaction of Amul Products" Your name.

satisfaction, a business term, is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation”. defines “Satisfaction is the consumer’s fulfilment response. LITERATURE REVIEW. Amul is one of the most successful Indian business firm.

It provides various milk products in which its main brand product Amul Butter is also present. Amul begins with just little group of milk producing villagers and now become largest milk producing cooperative society in India.5/5(2).

Literature review of customer satisfaction of amul products
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