Sandra cisneros

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Sandra Cisneros

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Sandra Cisneros

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La Malinche and la Virgen de Guadalupe. Sandra es un nombre de mujer, tomado del apócope de Alessandra, variante italiana del nombre griego Αλέξανδρη (Alejandra) que significa La protectora.

Variantes. Sandro (Masculino) Del griego Αλέξιος (aléxios), que significa defensor, protector, derivan los nombres propios Αλέξαν (Alexas), Αλέξιν (Alexis), Αλέξω (Aléxo), Αλέξων y Αλέξιων.

Sandra Cisneros was born in Chicago inthe only daughter in a family of seven children. The Cisneros family traveled frequently between Chicago and Mexico to visit relatives, often settling in a different home upon each return.

Actress Sandra Dee became a teen sensation in the late s, but her career couldn’t withstand adulthood, and neither could her marriage to teen idol Bobby Darin.

Sandra Cisneros is a poet, short story writer, novelist, essayist, whose work explores the lives of the working-class. Her numerous awards include NEA fellowships in both poetry and fiction, the Texas Medal of the Arts, a MacArthur Fellowship, several honorary doctorates and book awards nationally and internationally, including Chicago’s Fifth Star Award, the PEN Center USA Literary Award.

Sandra Cisneros, (born December 20,Chicago, Illinois, U.S.), American short-story writer and poet best known for her groundbreaking evocation of Mexican American life in Chicago. After graduating from Chicago’s Loyola University (B.A., ), Cisneros attended the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop (M.F.A., ).

There she developed what was to be the theme of most of her. Sandra Day O'Connor was the first woman appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Learn more at

Sandra cisneros
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